Reconfirmation of your boundary

We don't do strong stimulation to your body.
That stimulation blunts your somatic feeling,and you cannot learn anything from it.

Our acupuncture is the method of contacting on the surface of the skin.
That reaction affects the whole.
Your body-mind will change gradually.
And,you will abandon incorrect recognition about your body-mind.
This acupuncture improves your discriminativeness.

Even if there are ups and downs on the way, your learning will progress.

“Qui bene distinguit, bene docet."

We use very thin disposable needle(0.12mm diameter).
And we use also a metal rod called Teishin.
You don't have any risk about bleeding, internal bleeding, and pneumothorax.


We don't do Electric treatment,Moxibustion,Massage.
In addition, this acupuncture is not suitable the following deseases.

 Extensive skin disease
 Infectious disease
 Severe psychosis